Wolf Creek Ranch

Wolf Creek Ranch is an exemplary Rocky Mountain paradise designed for families who love the outdoors and wish to live a harmonious balance between recreation, relaxation and regeneration. Perched upon a high alpine plateau and nestled
against Utah’s 2.2 million acre Uinta National Forest, Wolf Creek Ranch is conveniently located minutes from world class ski resorts Deer Valley and Park City. Wolf Creek Ranch is unique in the Western US for its natural beauty and dedication to effective land stewardship. Some come here for the reverie found on horseback, while others seek the quiet rhythm of the cast while fly fishing on our private waters. But all who come are generously rewarded by the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature.

With 14,000 acres shared by only 84 owners, unparalleled privacy and seclusion is guaranteed. Offering over 60 miles of groomed trails, owners can spend an entire day in their recreational pursuits without ever worrying about a crowd. Hidden within the pristine forested land and sage plateaus are homes of unmatched mountain luxury. The architecture is the epitome of rustic western refinement in a way that compliments the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Wildlife are a prominent feature of the landscape. Breathtaking elk herds nurture their young in this park-like sanctuary with mule deer and moose as regular visitors. The radiant alpenglow from each sunrise and sunset captivates the senses and enhances the tranquility of the surroundings. With over 95% of the land protected under a conservation easement, Wolf Creek Ranch has pledged a commitment of holistic sustainability and resource stewardship to ensure its present state will be preserved and enhanced for generations to follow.

A place where Father Time can’t change Mother Nature, and families will build generational legacies.

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